In 1959, year of the Boldrini patent n° 830-647 for the modern design of flanging machines.


In 1947, after the war, the company was moved from Ferrara to Cremona. In 1953 a second facility was opened in Milan.


In 1939 the first of many plate rolling machines was produced.


In 1933 the first of many machines for profile bending was produced.


By the beginning of the 1930’s, Francesco’s son, Prosperino Boldrini, had taken over the business and decided to start making section bending and plate rolling machinery. Boldrini was the first company in Italy entering into this industry.


The Boldrini company history started in 1905 when Francesco Boldrini, in the city of Ferrara, began the manufacture of piping and boilers for the sugar mill industry and for hydropower plants.