Boldrini Dished Head Lines – Solutions for the Tank Manufacturer

Boldrini: blue hydarulic presses with dished heads


Quality Tank Solutions partners with Faccin Group to find the right solution to the challenges of their tank heads manufacturing line

Quality Tank Solutions “QTS” is a full service tank Manufacturer, located in Wisconsin. QTS serves Craft Brewing, Beverage, Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries. Each and every tank/system is designed specifically per customer specifications to meet and exceed all expectations.

Part of these tanks are the dished heads

When the decision to make the heads instead of buying them outside came in the picture, we have deeply analyzed few parameters Return on investment, service, technology:

Boldrini@blue flanging machine with a dished head
We found in the Boldrini heads manufacturing line the best solution in term of return on investment. The assurance of precision and productivity has not been found in any other solution that we have evaluated.
Their rolls on the Flanging machine are made to prevent stainless steel contamination, a must in our business” said Mr Tony Delpho, Operation Manager at QTS.

“Their service center with dedicated engineers here in USA gave us the assurance of prompt after sales service”.

Last but not the least, said Mr Delpho

“The fact that the main heads manufacturer here in USA have Boldrini solutions has helped in our choice”



Faccin Group offers three leading brands – Boldrini, Faccin and Roundo – in plate rolling, profile bending, dished-heads manufacturing and special metal forming machines. With more than 200 years of combined experience, over 30.000 machines installed around the world and 100% in-house manufacturing the group is on an indisputable position to offer the widest range of high-quality options available in the metal forming market.




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