About us

Founded in 1905 in the city of Ferrara, BOLDRINI began to supply component demands for sugar mill plants. The Company has demonstrated, throughout all these years, its constant commitment to the design and manufacturing processes of equipment for tank component production.

From the first Bending Section in the early 1930’s, to the most advanced high-tech Presses and Flanging Machines of today, including the multitude of Plate Bending Rolls and Shipyard Equipment, the company BOLDRINI has always played a very important role in the metal deformation field worldwide. In 1985 BOLDRINI acquired a well renowned company named VERRINA, founded in 1870 in Genoa, undisputed world leader in the shipyard field.

Today on the threshold of the fourth generation, BOLDRINI is synonymous with excellence, reliability and extreme durability.

Nowadays we can count hundreds of BOLDRINI machines built in the 1960’s, still servicing, on a daily basis, the massive production requests of major companies around the world. Our customers presence covers a vast portion of the globe, enabling us to declare, that basically, there is no country in the world without at least one BOLDRINI machine.